Accreditation - BICSc

The British Institute of Cleaning Science or BICS is the largest independent, professional and educational body within the cleaning industry. Founded in 1961, its mission is to ensure that all cleaning operatives with its accreditation continue to raise ‘the status and standards of the cleaning industry, through education’.


BICS has been at the forefront of the Cleaning industry since 1961. Its contributions over this period are highly regarded by the cleaning profession and it remains one of the most trusted and recognisable Educational Institutions in the Cleaning today.


First Choice Cleaning and Maintenance is recognised and accredited by the British Institute of Cleaning Science. So you can be sure any cleaning duties carried out are strictly in accordance BICS standards and their overall ‘Best Practice’ for the cleaning industry.


As part of our previous BICS training we had to undertake a general cleaning science training certificate. This ensures that our facilities management and general cleaning services are always to the highest industry standard (including the latest health and safety practices).


If you would like to know more about BICS and why it’s accreditation sets the industry standard you can find out more here


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