The Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services We Offer in Birmingham

We are a professional end of tenancy cleaning service company based in Birmingham. We aim to give you the best quality services from a dedicated team of experienced cleaners working 24 hours and 7 days of the week.

A house that has been occupied for quite some time will need professional end of tenancy cleaners of our calibre.

Our Main Areas of Focus

When you want to have your house ready for the next tenant, we make sure the following areas are well cleaned.

  • Kitchen, toilet and bathroom sinks
  • Cupboards and drawers
  • Windows and frames
  • Kitchen appliances and equipment
  • All rooms and hallways
  • Stairways and lounge

We’ll dust, scrub, hoover and mop the entire property! We use specialized chemicals and safe equipments to remove stubborn stains especially on upholstery and carpets.

We have customized rates that will fit within your cleaning budget. We work on schedule and leave the property just in time for the new occupant.

Our main focus is on these four areas that need thorough cleaning services:

Bathroom Cleaning

This is a room that needs a lot of attention because of the presence of bacteria. We disinfect the bath tub and the toilet bowl and polishing of the floor.

Kitchen Area

This is the place where a lot of movements take place. We clean to remove sticky grease on appliances and walls.


A lot of dust that has accumulated in the bedroom after such a long time can cause allergies. We dust and fumigate the area to get rid of pests that may have nested there.

Living Room and the Stairway

Mainly the carpet and tiles need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and have a fresh new appealing smell. Dirt marks and shoe marks that are normally spotted on the stairway is needs to be attended to.

There is no standard way of cleaning a vacated property! That is why we have invested in well trained and experienced professionals who are able to handle all building designs with a lot of efficiency.