Hygiene Services and Washroom Supplies We Can Provide

First Choice Cleaning & Maintenance have an extensive product range to meet your hygiene needs.

Nationwide provision of hygiene services for your commercial and industrial premises

All of our products are manufactured to meet the most stringent of health and safety standards and designed to provide continuous performance. Many of our products are available to buy or rent.

You can rely on FCCM to ensure that your washrooms are safe, clean and hygienic and always in good working order.

Urinal and Toilet Sanitising

We supply and install sanitising units that guarantee freshness and cleanliness in your toilets and urinals. Each unit is installed, configured and tested by a qualified technician. Our ongoing maintenance services ensure that the product continues to eliminate odours at the source.

Quadrasan Cleaning and Dosing System (for Urinal and WC)

The Quadrasan cleaning and dosing system provides continuous programmable maintenance, ensuring that your WC and urinal fixtures remain clean, sanitised and odour-free. Quadrasan refills are available in chemical and biological formats and both of these formats are available in a choice of fragrances or fragrance-free.

Dust Control

FCCM supply a range of textile dust control mats, providing round the clock protection from dust. As well as improving the air quality in your building dust control mats also reduce cleaning costs, and promote safety, as they eliminate the issue of slippery floors in business premises and public buildings such as hotels and offices.

Sanitary Disposal Units

FCCM is a preferred supplier of sanitary disposal units for customers across the UK. The unique designs of our sanitary bins allow sanitary items to be disposed of easily and keep them concealed from view. Our specially formulated germicide works continuously to cleanse the liner and fight bacteria and germs.

Air Fresheners and Fragrance Dispensers

FCCM supply a selection of environmentally friendly air freshener products that dispense fresh, clean fragrances in the areas that require them the most. From washrooms to reception and office areas, our easy to programme and maintain air fresheners help to create a fresh and hygienic environment wherever this is required. Refills in a choice of fragrances are also available.

As well as our own air fresheners, we also supply fragrance dispensers and refills from manufacturers including Vectair (Micro Airoma) and Technical Concepts (T Cell).

Hand Dryers

FCCM supply a range of environmentally friendly hand drying solutions for commercial washrooms. As well as towel dispensers, we offer a selection of low energy hand dryers to rid hands of excess water quickly and hygienically. Our hand dryers are available in a choice of white or chrome finishes. We stock and supply the following hand dryers and drying equipment:

  • Ultradry
  • I-Flow
  • Xlerator
  • Linen roller towels
  • Paper hand towels

Soap and Sanitex Soap Dispensers

FCCM supply a range of elegant-looking soap dispensers and refills for commercial washrooms. The push dispensers contain a refillable cartridge and a view window to indicate how much soap is left for use.

We also supply Sanitex soap dispensers in white and chrome which can dispense liquid, spray and foam sanitisers. We stock Sanitex luxury, anti-bacterial and waterless instant hand sanitiser refills.

Vending Machines

FCCM supply a selection of vending machines stocking leading branded feminine hygiene products and nappies. These vending machines are discreet and provide a convenient solution to the supply of emergency items.

To find out more or to book our services please contact the FCCM Team 0121 559 2558 or 0800 389 8884.