Our Perimeter Security Systems and Managed Security Services

Our perimeter security solutions are designed to protect commercial and industrial properties from crime and accidental or deliberate damage.

Fencing and gates

FCCM provide and install low, medium and high security fencing, sports fencing, decorative fencing and access solutions (gates).

Palisade fencing

Our Palisade fencing offers the ultimate in security, it is robust, long lasting and both a physical and visible deterrent against crime and vandalism. Palisade is easy to erect and repair and all steel palisade products are hot dip galvanised to give long term weather resistance.

Mesh panel systems

Mesh fencing is a visually appealing solution that provides perimeter safety and security to suit all types of application including highways, airports, sports, and leisure and play areas. Whether it is for high level or low level security, mesh fencing offers a system with a high degree of resistance to impact and vandalism.

Temporary fencing

Temporary fencing is often used around building sites, areas requiring crowd control and any application that requires a temporary fence. This economical fencing solution is self supporting and quick and easy to install, gates can be created at any point for easy access through the perimeter.

Cantilever sliding gates

Cantilever sliding gates are inherently secure by design because they do not have hinges so they cannot be rammed or forced open from a frontal attack, instead the gates act like a section of fencing which moves to allow vehicle access. The gates can be operated in conjunction with an access control system, swipe cards, intercoms or radio transmitters and is also the most common device to secure a site by remote monitored surveillance cameras.

Tracked sliding gates

Tracked sliding gates are extremely popular where the demands for larger openings or greater heights need to be met. The gates are strong and heavy by design and run on a track laid into the road allowing for gate spans up to 40 metres, and heights in excess of 6 metres. This, when linked to the strong support frame or portals, provides a very high and secure sliding gate system.


FCCM operate an experienced installation team to compliment our comprehensive choice of bollards which provide security to buildings and open areas.

Flexible bollards

Flexible bollards can be designed to handle different force and are suitable for areas which get knocked regularly at low speeds. A flexible bollard is a popular installation for car parks, especially multi-storey or underground because they reduce the necessity of bollard replacement and limits damage to the vehicle that may have struck it.

Concrete bollards

Heavy duty concrete bollards can be supplied in contrasting colours, finishes and various aggregates. They provide security and demarcation in built-up environments and offer a strong, rugged obstacle which deters vandalism and the threat of ram-raiding.

Steel bollards

Fixed & Removable Steel bollards are used around pedestrian precincts, pavements, play and parking areas and as a deterrent to ram-raiders. Our removable steel bollards are also an aesthetically pleasing way to prevent unauthorised parking and access.

Eco-bollards (rubber)

Eco-bollards provide definitive road safety, they are long lasting and made from recycled materials. The high impact absorbing rubber acts as a cushion effect and is combined with a steel reinforcing tube for exceptional impact resilience to keep damage to a minimum.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards can be used to cordon off pedestrianised areas at shopping centres but have primarily been designed to protect buildings, shutter doors etc. from accidental or deliberate vehicle impact such as ram-raiding. The bollards offer a totally flat surface after removal of the post and come complete with a mud flap to keep out general debris and stop trip hazards.

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